Welcome to Le Coq Seminaire!
Are you looking for a place to hold your workshops in a peaceful area in the middle of one of the most beautiful spots in Switzerland?

Get away from the routine, take your workshop to the next level, stay with us! Located near Lake Geneva, St-Livres – a small vineyard village — is a hidden gem.

At Le Coq Seminaire, we offer workshops on topics that we are truly passionate about, and we want to share this passion with you. Our workshops explore the connections between:

  • The Body and the Mind
  • Rolfing, Structural Integration and Psychology, and Trauma Healing
  • Nature and Human Beings
  • Movement, Mind, and Nature
  • Nutrition and Well-being
  • People with specific knowledge, and those wishing wishing to learn
    about that knowledge

We are focused on bringing people together. Connecting students with teachers, and teachers with students to create a unique learning experience, through a sharing environment in which the roles blend and a student might become the teacher for a moment. Simultaneously, the teacher might learn from his fellow learners. 

If you are ready to move on to the next adventure, join us. Join a community that is waiting for you.

If you change the way you  look at things, the things you look at change.

-Max Planck

“The Workshop was amazing.

You provided a really supportive environment in which we all felt safe to share our thoughts, feelings, and experiences. There was incredible energy in the room; totally unforgettable.

Bill is truly inspiring…encouraging self-reflection and everyone’s unique process of change. Without a doubt, for me (and I think for others present) it was about growth – learning how to give and receive. There were techniques presented, but this workshop was much more than just technique.

There were moments that will stay long in my memory. I came with expectations which were met and exceeded. I am still processing and reflecting upon what occurred and if the opportunity arises I will return eagerly.”

Michail Fogerty


“This workshop has been a watershed for me: firstly because I was so lucky to receive a session by Bill, which indeed changed my life. In addition to that I found enrichment and nourishment in the topics addressed and in exchanging experiences, ideas,  and inspirations with my colleagues there. We have been a marvelous group. Thanks also to the hearty, respectful and caring assistance and organization by Anna.

About Bill: besides his competence and expertise, humor,  and deep knowledge, he was there for each and every one of us (20!!!), bestowing all his energy with sincere generosity.

I am so thankful for that week in Allaman.”

– Marzia