Anna Neil-Raduner

Member of Swiss Physiotherapie Association, European Rolfing Association, Swiss Rolfing Association.

Member of EMR, ASCA

Learn more about Rolfing in a short film with Hubert Godard, filmed in Switzerland.

In Brief

  • Rolfer for 33 years
  • Physiotherapist for 45 years
  • Specializing in the body-mind connection
  • Trained in “Somatic experiencing ®” by Dr. Peter Levine
  • I have been following Hubert Godard over the last 20 years: I did workshops with him ever since he was teaching in the Rolfing community
  • Consultant in ortho-molecular nutrition
  • Formed a holistic network of therapists and doctors
  • During more than 15 years, member of the admission committee of the European Rolfing association
  • Initiator and co-founder of the Swiss Rolfing association, having been the first president of the Swiss Rolfing association.
  • The organizer of mentoring sessions for young Rolfing practitioners
  • The Organizer of Rolfing continuing education workshops since 2007, first at Masavoi in Italy with Elmar Abram, now at my home at Le Coq Séminaire in the Lake Geneva area (Jim asher, Hubert Godard in Italy, Bill Smythe and Harvey Burns in Switzerland).

“Life is Movement, Movement is Life”

I continue to study the latest research and techniques so that I can best support people in their search for physical and psychological balance. I believe as a therapist, continuous learning and development as well as regular exchange with a holistic network of doctors and therapists is key.

While growing up at Lake Konstanz in Switzerland I was very physically active, I was either dancing, horse riding, tennis, skiing or doing athletics.

In 1972 I wanted to learn more about healthy movement and moved to Basel. There, at the school for physiotherapy at the Kantonsspital (hospital)BaselI met my first great teacher, Dr. Susanne Klein-Vogelbach. At that time she had just developed a theory of functional movement and started training young therapists. After acquiring my diploma as a physiotherapist I worked with Professor Erwin Morscher at the Orthopedic University Clinic in Basel for a year. The next eight years, together with a colleague, I was co-building and –leading the physiotherapeutic center of the„Ambulatorium am Wiesendamm“, a medical clinic in Basel.

In 1984, while searching for a deeper understanding of movement and on a trip to Canada, I found Rolfing. After my first Rolfing sessions, I was without tension-induced back pain for the first time in my life. Subsequently, Dr. Ida Rolf became my next great teacher and I enrolled at the Rolfing Institute to become a certified Rolfer. Jim Asher and Michael Salveson were among my trainers. Their profound understanding of the body-mind connection and the importance of movement for humans has deeply impacted me. In 1985 I earned my Rolfing certificate and started my own Rolfing practice in Basel. At the same time, I started exploring various psychological treatment approaches.

I did my 500 hours psychoanalysis with Dr. Andrea Gysling (books she wrote:-  Die analytische Antwort, eine Geschichte der Gegenuebertragung in Form von Autorenporträts, -Der Grenzenlose Mann, über wahre und fragwürdige Männlichkeit.), a well known Swiss analyst who emphasizes and works with Transference and  Countertransference in her therapeutic work with clients.

Since then ongoing Supervision with Dr. med. Andreas Brändli (Dr. med. Facharzt für Psychiatrie und Psychotherapie FMH Psychoanalytische Psychotherapie, Psychoanalyse, Supervision St. Johanns-Vorstadt 42, 4056 Basel).

In 1987 together with 7 psychotherapists (psychiatrists and psychologists),  we founded a group office in the center of Basel. I was the only body therapist in that group. For 20 years we worked together and served a lot of people with psychological troubles of all sorts. we had a lot of common supervision and continuum education where I learned to understand more deeply the troubles of our psychic.

In 1990 I had to undergo severe surgery and lost my right vocal cord. While I was working through this traumatic experience, I met my next great teacher, Peter Levine. With him, I trained in “Somatic experiencing ®” by Peter A. Levine, PhD, a highly effective method to work through traumatic experiences via the body.

At the same time I also started working with Hubert Godard, an internationally renowned expert and teacher in movement. I founded the workshop center Masavoi in South Tirole, Italy together with co-Rolfer Elmar Abram. At Masavoi we were offering workshops for Rolfers and movement therapists with Hubert Godard, Jim Asher, and other outstanding teachers until 2010.

Since 2008, I am working on my own in the center of Basel and in St-Livres.

One thing I have always missed in my life in Basel was a lake. That’s why in 1998 I decided to move west towards Lake Geneva (where one of my grandmothers came from). There, I started to build a second practice and today I am serving my clients there and in Basel, and together with my partner Francis Rulence we built and created the Bed & Breakfast, Le Coq Chantant. Since 2016, I organize there, the place very close to my heart, continuing education workshops for Rolfers with outstanding teachers, like Bill Smythe and Harvey Burns, coming from Europe and the US called Le Coq Seminaire.